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What is hemp and why do we use it?

What is hemp and why do we use it?

Hemp is one of the most versatile and resourceful plants known to mankind, and has been grown for thousands of years. Hemp, unlike cotton, grows well without the use of pesticides and herbicides, making it more environmentally sustainable than many other crops, including only needing 20% of the water needed to grow cotton. Hemp can be made into thousands of products, including a food source, with the advantage of being biodegradable & recyclable. Hemp fabric has been used for thousands of years, it is antibacterial, breathable, strong and durable and ultra absorbent. It is also extremely soft. Hemp is porous, so it allows the skin to breathe.

Some pro’s of hemp include:

  • Hemp is said to be the worlds most sustainable plant
  • Hemp can grow ecologically almost anywhere on the planet
  • Hemp is only of 6 genus plants that enrich the soil they are grown in
  • Growing hemp can benefit many wildlife species due to minimal pesticide and minimal fertilizer use in production. Infact, hemp needs no chemical herbicides, peticides of fertilicers.
  • Softer, stronger & longer lasting, hemp improves with age.
  • Recyclable and made to last, hemp is the oldest known fabric ever to be found.
  • Hemp fibers are the strongest natural plant fibre in the world
  • Hemp requires only a fifth of the water needed to grow cotton.
  • Hemp gives three times as much fibre, per acre, than cotton.
  • Hemp fabrics are thermo-dynamic, meaning they are excellent fabrics to keep you cool when its hot and hot when its cool

So why do we use hemp?

Ecolantic use hemp because we aim to make a difference to the current fast fashion industry, whilst making a difference. We aim to use the most environmentally friendly fibres and processes to create products, not only for the environment, but for your benefit too. Hemp is a natural product, that has no adverse effects to the environment. Developing products out of eco-friendly materials such as this, reduces the carbon footprint.

What products do we have made of hemp?

Ecolantic have items in our clothing ranges, homeware ranges and pet ranges made from hemp fabrics.

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